what is electrical compliance?

Electrical Compliance means all electrical
installations on premises are done in line with set regulations to avoid injury
or incident to animals, environment, persons and property.


nasty electric shock

why we need it

Electricity is a medium and like water or gas, it can leak. This leakage is an inherent danger in that it can flow through person/s or animals (electrocution) resulting in injury or death. It can even cause fire that can damage property or the environment.

Earthing leakage
relay is designed to monitor for leakage current going directly or indirectly
to earth and it will trip and disconnect the current flow if it exceeds a
certain value. Proper earthing is essential to ensure that the earth leakage
relay would operate in an emergency.

Should an accident
related to an electrical fault occur and a claim to an insurance provider is
made, the insurance provider will be very interested in a valid
certificate of compliance. This certificate is the client’s irrefutable proof
that they did everything in their power to prevent the accident in the first
place. It can make all the difference between compensation or having a claim unceremoniously
kicked out the window leaving the client crippled with loss and resulting

A valid certificate of compliance is for pace setters (readers like you!) who value peace of mind, good social responsibility and definitely have smart business sense!

Who is responsible for acquiring the certificate of

Owners of properties are responsible for having a valid certificate of compliance for their properties. Users of the properties have to ensure that the properties have valid certificates because they are using the installations. Both owners and users of the properties have everything to lose should an accident occur and everything to gain, if they comply.

Where do you get a certificate of compliance?

Only Registered and
reputable engineering persons/institutions like Mimshach Engineering Consultants can issue a certificate after having inspected and tested the electrical installations.

Point to note

Where any addition or alteration has been effected to an electrical installation for which a certificate of compliance has already been issued, preferably all the installations should be inspected and validated again or at the very least the new installations added for which a certificate will be issued.

The certificate is valid for
5 years for only the installations inspected prior to the date of issue.

Do the smart thing today!


Contact Mimshach for a valid electrical compliance certificate!



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